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Can you work while on hold?

Long Wait Times

It is a well-known fact that making a call to HMRC often results in enduring long wait times, leaving you sitting on the phone, waiting for an HMRC agent to respond. This has a detrimental impact on the psychological well-being of your employees. They find themselves waiting on the phone, accumulating non-fee-earning time when they could otherwise be actively generating fees.

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Lost Fees

While waiting on the phone for HMRC to answer, non-chargeable hours increase, and fee-earning hours slip away. If your team frequently calls HMRC, valuable fee-earning time is lost every month simply listening to HMRC hold music.

Why does hold music sound so bad?

NoQu Holds the Solution

NoQu aims to solve both problems with our suite of products. With NoQu, you register your call request on our portal. We then call HMRC, wait for an HMRC agent to answer, and re-connect you and the agent. This means your employees can keep working and earning fees, just waiting for the call.

NoQu: Possible Return on Investment

Total Monthly Calls
Total Hours on Hold
Additional Billable Fees Per Month*
£ 0
  • Assumption are Hourly Fees £120, Efficiency whist on hold 60%, 1 in 4 calls drop, excludes NoQu fees
Revolutionize Business Efficiency:

NoQu eliminates wasted hours on hold with HMRC and other organizations, slashing hold times significantly. This revolutionary approach enhances fee-earning hours and amplifies staff efficiency.

The Myth of Working on Hold:

Research reveals a 40% efficiency loss while working on hold. Lengthy holds cause post-call productivity slumps. NoQu addresses this by managing waits, allowing staff to focus uninterruptedly on their tasks, ensuring maximum productivity.

Liberate Staff from Frustration:

HMRC hold times, often exceeding an hour, induce immense frustration and anxiety. With a call drop rate of 1 in 5, the pressure intensifies. NoQu liberates staff from these challenges, enabling seamless and stress-free work, promoting a conducive work environment.

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