About NoQu

We Make Customer Service Easy

We want to make it easy for individuals to contact customer service centers and speak to real people who can help you. Not make use of chat bots, FAQ’s or sit in long frustrating call queues. Just speak to someone who can help

Operates 24/7

You can call and register a call back anytime day or night. If the company call center is closed we will simply call once it is open and connect you

We can customise the Service

If you have specific requirements of departments you need to contact we can customise the service to meet these requirements

Specialised Agents

Our agents are trained to handle the calls and connect to the right people so you get to speak to who you need to speak to

Secure Conversations

We use state of the art telecommunications infrastructure to ensure your conversations are private and secure

‘Our lines are busier than usual at the moment.’

‘Most people can find the answer they are looking for by visiting our website.’

These are probably the most frustrating words many of us hear every day.

‘Service’ companies are happy to take customers’ money but when there is a problem they don’t want to talk. They are determined to force people to put their problems to a pre-programmed chatbot or a ‘’live’ chat operator who is dealing with a number of customers simultaneously.

The chatbots can only give generic answers and the ‘live’ chat operators are dealing with so many customers at once it can take for ever to get a sensible answer. You might as well hold for a live agent.

The reality is that these companies either don’t believe their customers have specific personal issues or they simply don’t want to know.

The battle between service companies pushing customers to digital platforms and customers who want to talk to real people is raging and no reconciliation seems to be forthcoming.

That’s where NoQu has the solution!

NoQu creates happy staff who no longer have to listen to ‘hold’ music.

Why Choose NoQu?

NoQu was created to make life easier and less painful for people who have to talk to any service company or organisation.

At present NoQu is focused on HMRC and other financial institutions with other companies being added shortly.

How It Works...

Use your username and password to access your NoQu account from any device.

Select the HMRC department (e.g. self assessment, PAYE, corporation tax, etc) or other services and we will queue for you. 

We will wait on the line to HMRC while you work on other activities increasing your fee earning opportunities, or simply have a well-earned cup of tea. Once we are connected to a HMRC agent we will call you and connect the call.

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