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How NoQu has Transformed Bevan Buckland’s Interactions with HMRC

Calling HMRC is the one task most of the team dreads more than any other.

Hold times are invariably around an hour or longer and, to add to the frustration, we sometimes find that calls we make to HMRC are cut off unexpectedly.

Often when one of our team does manage to talk to an HMRC advisor they can’t answer the question and we have to start again.

It’s such a waste of our valuable time and time that we can’t always pass onto the client. Some people will claim they can work and hold but it’s a proven fact that humans can’t work as efficiently whilst waiting for an answer.

NoQu has transformed our interactions with HMRC. Our team members simply request a callback and one of their agents calls when an HMRC advisor is on the line, connecting the two parties.

Even better is when NoQu efficiently queues up calls on our behalf, enabling us to execute multiple consultations in rapid succession. Using NoQu is almost like having an executive assistant for each member of your team dedicated solely to this chore.

We also now have a much more relaxed working environment without the stress of ‘when will my call be answered, or indeed, will it be answered?’

I highly recommend NoQu to any accountancy firm that has to make regular calls to HMRC.

Andrew Knott
Associate Director
Bevan Buckland

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