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Unlocking Financial Benefits with NoQu’s New ROI Calculator

Increase Fees

Try out Noqu’s new ROI calculator that is designed to show accountancy firms the financial benefits of utilising NoQu when contacting HMRC.

The modern accountancy landscape is intricate and dynamic, where time is the most valuable currency. Recognising this, NoQu has developed an innovative ROI calculator that is designed to show accountancy firms the financial benefits of utilising NoQu when contacting HMRC.

Efficiency and Revenue: Two Sides of the Same Coin

The calculator is incredibly user-friendly, requiring only 30 seconds and answers to seven simple questions. These questions revolve around the number of calls your team makes to HMRC each month, the average hold time for each person, and your firm’s typical charge-out rate.

This data enables the calculator to meticulously determine how much additional revenue can be generated per month by utilising NoQu.

Transforming Hold-Time to Productive Time

Accountants frequently face the painful task of having to contact HMRC, often resulting in prolonged hold times, and even worse, call disconnects, all of which are unproductive and non-fee-earning.

NoQu’s solution empowers accountancy professionals by converting this unproductive hold time into profitable, value-add periods, demonstrating a clear and direct correlation between efficient communication and revenue increment.

You Know It Makes Sense

For accountants who regularly interact with HMRC, using NoQu’s ROI calculator to assess NoQu’s value to your firm makes absolute sense. It presents a concise illustration of how revenue can be significantly augmented by choosing NoQu for interacting with HMRC.

The prospect of converting every HMRC call from a time-draining obligation into an opportunity to boost revenue is compelling and invaluable to accountancy firms aiming for optimised operational workflows.

Maximising Your Firm’s Revenue Potential

The simplicity and clarity provided by NoQu’s ROI calculator enables firms to make informed decisions swiftly. By inputting basic information, accountancy firms can visualise their potential revenue increment, making it a pivotal tool for those looking to enhance their financial health and operational efficiency.


NoQu’s innovative ROI calculator is a groundbreaking tool in the accountancy sector, providing clear insights into the financial advantages of using NoQu for HMRC interactions.

By spending just 30 seconds and answering a few questions, accountancy firms can unlock the door to significant revenue increments, transforming the way they view and handle hold times and establishing a more productive and profitable approach to HMRC communications.

For accountants, employing NoQu when contacting HMRC is not just a smart choice; it is the future of efficient, profitable practice. Don’t let the hold times hold you back. Discover your firm’s untapped revenue potential with NoQu’s ROI calculator today!

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